Avenue Al Maqsad Mall

Avenue Al Maqsad Mall

Real Estate

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt holds many malls in the region. However, an infrastructure rich with facilities and luxury is the Avenue Al Maqsad Mall. It is the first commercial mall in the Al Maqsad region.

One of the biggest real estate companies, Dolmen Real Estate Development has invested in this project. This is a fresh project and the prices are comparatively lower in this place. Therefore, it becomes the ideal opportunity for new investors. You will get to know more about the pricing and features of this place in the coming paras.

General Information

The mall resides in the Al Maqsad district. Its main location is in the R3 locality of the Capital region. Moreover, the structure was built to satisfy the needs of every resident in the locality. That is why all the residential area of the Al Maqsad compound is connected with this place.

In addition to that, the major locations of the Administrative region near to this building. You can effortlessly travel to the government district, Green River, ministries, and Al Safarat neighborhood from this area. The Avenue building also connects the Downtown region that is famous for its towers and malls.

Benefits of this Mall

The entire Avenue Al Maqsad Mall was designed by Dolmen, who constructed the building using the latest tools and knowledge. With double-sided entrances and a wavy design, the structure looks phenomenal in every aspect. Several commercial shops can be accommodated inside the mall. It has 2 upper floors and a ground floor. Also, the floors can be seen while standing on the street.

Apart from this, the Avenue Al Maqsad Mall has several other features. We have briefly explained some of them here:

  • Large hypermarket is provided that offers various products.
  • The area is situated inside an amazingly scenic place.
  • Food courts, restaurants, and cafeterias can be found in various locations.
  • Security guards and cameras are installed at every corner of the mall. These systems cover the entire project area.
  • Even the gates are equipped with the latest technology. They can be electronically controlled.
  • Underground parking space and a separate children’s entertainment area further attract customers into the building.

Cost of Various Areas

The cost of each unit is divided according to the floor and facilities provided. The price is mentioned  satta according to per square meter area. It starts from 50,000 EGP for the second floor. And, this can go up to 116,000 EGP for the ground floor shops.

A simple payment method is also provided for all the buyers. For a basic 6 years plan, you have to pay 10% as a down payment and the rest in equal installments. After that, there is a 7,8, and 10 years plan as well. These plans have a 15%,20%, and 30% down payment respectively.

Should you Proceed?

This is an exquisite mall that is less costly than other structures in the capital area. The building offers state-of-the-art facilities with amazing benefits. Therefore, everyone should invest in such a superb property.