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Why Apartment Storage Spaces are Important


Whether your property is located in a densely populated city or a smaller and more relaxed suburb, renters everywhere appreciate the value of private and secure storage available to them on site. Not only a highly sought after amenity, but apartment storage can also help to solve the problems of unwanted messy clutter in shared areas and help to put an extra income back in your pocket every month. The value of secure and private storage can’t be underestimated, let’s dive a little deeper into why they are such a great addition to any property.

Turn Cluttered Hallways to Sleek Looking Organization

One of the worst things about properties that don’t offer storage on-site is the inevitable storage and clutter that renters will resort to in hallways, patios, and other common shared areas. When tenants feel they don’t have the space to keep their things, more times than not they would rather keep their belongings close and accessible in a shared area than off-site in a storage facility that they have to travel to in order to access. Cluttered hallways and patios can appear unkempt and disorganized to potential new renters, and lowers the overall aesthetic and appearance of a property. Offering high quality and private storage units for your tenants keeps their belongings close and accessible, and keeps your hallways and shared spaces free of mess. Storage bins can even add to the overall appearance of your property, adding sleek design and in some cases a pop of color.

Privacy and Security Matter

On-site storage can offer one of the most valuable things a renter could want, a secure and safe place to store their extra belongings. When looking into storage options for your property, it can be tempting to go with a storage bin that seems like the most cost-effective but offers less protection and security. One of the best examples of this is wire mesh, and although it may seem like the best overall value, it actually couldn’t be further. We have stressed the importance of high quality, secure and private storage, and wire mesh does not meet any of those characteristics. The mesh is essentially see-through, offering very little protection from varying threats such as thieves, dirt, debris, insects, or any other critter small enough to fit within the mesh. The only thing standing between your tenants’ belongings and wandering eyes looking for an easy come up is a simple pair of wire cutters. Because of the lack of privacy and security renters often feel storage made of wire mesh is not worth the price to rent, therefore backfiring on the idea of an extra monthly income. There are much better options at comparable price points that offer the safety and privacy that your renters want and deserve.

The Bradyl Difference

Bradyl Storage Solutions strives to bring property owners value and quality when it comes to on-site storage options. They have models to fit any property size and budget. Bradyl storage options are loved by renters and are even comparable in price to less desirable wire mesh storage.

The Bradyl Bin is a storage model with a more traditional look. They are storage lockers made with walls of solid steel and a swing outdoor that is lockable with a padlock for ultimate security. These private storage lockers are loved by renters and bring a sleek and stylish design to your property. The swing doors can even be customized to add a pop of color or blend into an existing aesthetic. They are a great fit for property owners with open and unused space.

The Bradyl Box is a different take on on-site storage, a freestanding box that uses previously unusable air space above vehicles in standard parking spots. The Box features adjustable legs to fit over any car or SUV and most sized trucks. This is a great storage option for properties that don’t have the extra space to spare but want to offer private, high-quality storage for your tenants.