Bedside Styling Tips

Nightstand Buying Guide: Bedside Styling Tips

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Your bedside styling makes more of an impact than you might think! Bedside tables do far more for you than just providing a spot for your water or nighttime reading choices, they pack a huge punch in the style department and provide plenty of storage. Whether you’re furnishing your home from scratch, reinventing your existing bedroom layout or you’re looking to invest in some brand new bedside tables as an interiors treat, you need these styling tips! Read on for a full guide to perfect bedside styling…

Find The Right Tables

First things first, the centre of your styling, the bedside tables. These can really transform the room, so don’t leave your bedside companions as an afterthought, that’s basically throwing away an exciting design opportunity! Use your bedside tables as an extension of the theme in your bedroom or opt for contrasting colours or materials to add some excitement. If you’re unsure of what kind of styling you want to do both now and in the future, consider investing in some beautifully crafted, simple natural timber tables. These are going to work as the perfect canvas for all manners of styles and themes, so they’re a future proof investment that you can feel fully confident in. If you have a compact space or you always find that your bedside tends to look more cluttered than calm, then you should look at securing yourself a cabinet instead of a table. This will give you some sneaky extra storage to help keep things clean and clear.

Get Inspired

Once you’ve secured yourself your dream tables, it’s time to start getting inspired. Inspiration really is the starting point for all good interior design, you can gather together different sources and use them as a jumping point for your colours, materials, textures and styling. Hop online, scroll on your favourite apps or dive into your favourite glossy magazines for your visual inspo.

Work In Odd Numbers

Now that you’ve got your tables ready to go and you’re full of ideas, you can start placing and styling! A secret of the design world is that you should always stick to odd numbers when styling, for some reason us humans just prefer the look of groups of three or five instead of four and six. Groups of three will work perfectly for your bedside as it’s an odd number that’s still low enough to avoid the cluttered look. Layer a plant, lamp and picture to keep things really light, airy and simple.

Stick To A Theme

Curating bedside decor should be done with some caution. Sticking to a design theme is great as it gives the entire room direction and streamlines your shopping and styling process. The simpler the better, really! Choose a theme that integrates with the rest of the room and your home. For those who love clean, simple lines and limited colours, the Hamptons, minimalist and mid century modern look will work perfectly. Maybe you’re more into warm tones, rich textures and eclectic storytelling? Opt for bohemian, rustic or French country design. If you like to veer in the middle of things, go for classic or shabby chic and add pops of colour to bring your own personality into the mix. There are so many options out there, but this is where all your inspirational research comes in very handy! Keep it personal and comfortable, play around and allow yourself to be creative to put together a gorgeous, cosy room that you’ll love to relax in.

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