Know The Latest Happening Of Codiak With Nasdaq Cdak

Know The Latest Happening Of Codiak With Nasdaq Cdak


Cdak, also known as Codiak biosciences aims in making precise therapeutics a reality in the market and for people. The company also aims to solve both the manufacturing and engineering challenges to enable therapeutics to reach better to the affected people. Even before the starting of all this research, they have been experimenting on exosomes and their potential. To expose these exosomes with positive results has always remained a goal. Codiak aims to solve this challenge and let consumers get the deserved benefits of the same. Hence the best development of the company is engEX platform which exposes the exosomes to distinct properties. To make them reach the exact target cells the innovation of the company has enabled direct tropism. The strategies of the exosome technology are to integrate the therapeutics molecules into the exosomes and enables the exogenous DRug loading. The strategies can independently function or even combined.

The science of the company is a very in-depth concept to know about. Other than the technology factor you will also learn about the finances and stock trends of the company. To do so NASDAQ: CDAK at proves to be the best option. It gives a clear estimation of the happening of the company in a proper graphical format.

Nasdaq: Cdak:

As per the latest key data you can consider the results below:

  • Date of foundation– 2015
  • Total funding of Codiak Biosciences- $168.5
  • Latest funding size of Codiak Biosciences- $76.50m
  • Last funding– 3 years ago
  • Investors of Codiak-Qatar investment, Flagship ventures, Sirona Capital, Flagship pioneering, EcoR1 Capital.

Along with the Chief executive officers, 14 others complete the executive team of Codiak Biosciences. Some of the top competitors of Codiak Biosciences are Evox therapeutics, Novadip biosciences, PamBio, SQZ Biotech. Of all these, SQZ biotech is the old competitor and Evox is the latest one.

Other Details Of Codiak Biosciences:

  • Founding date- 2015
  • Type of company- private
  • Tags– healthcare, therapy and biotech
  • Location- Cambridge
  • Employees– 99
  • Social media followers- N/A
  • Alexa rank-386750
  • Latest funding-$76.5m
  • Total funding raised-$168m

Based on the data from the graphs and charts the number of employees of Codiak Biosciences is lesser than SQZ biotech but higher than Evix and NOvadip. However, the employees of Codiak have grown overtime showing a positive curve.

For a better understanding of stock trends and financial growth of the company NASDAQ: CDAK must be approached. It gives a clear idea about how the stocks are performing, who the investors are and how close the company is to its financial goals. You can check more stocks like NASDAQ: CODX at before trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.