Kitchen Colour Trends In 2020

Kitchen Colour Trends In 2020

Kitchen Improvements

Who doesn’t love fantasising about gorgeous kitchen colour palettes? The right colour brings your space to life and sets the tone of the room. From hosting sophisticated soirees to family bake offs, colour makes a big difference to the atmosphere of your space. Whether you’re lucky enough to be getting a fabulous new kitchen or you’re still dreaming of one, here are the latest colour trends for 2020.

Natural hues

2020 is the year of green, from dark forest greens to serene sages, such a broad range of tones means there’s something for everyone with this colour palette. Although dark hues have been popular for some time, with navy being the colour of choice in 2019, softer more calming natural tones are coming to the fore, from greens to beige and dusky pinks. We’re collectively becoming ever more conscious of climate change and the environment, a step towards more eco-friendly living has perhaps influenced our preference for natural colour schemes. The green scheme goes a step further as we introduce lots of botanicals to our home, the vibrant foliage provides a beautiful accent. Continue the woodland ambience by adding natural wooden finishes to your space, consider a darker wooden floor, translucent stained worktops and unpainted furniture.

Retro Colour Pops

At the opposite end of the scale is the latest trend for bright 60’s and 70’s vibe colour accents, think vibrant yellow, orange and turquoise. A sunny and fresh pop of colour looks fantastic in both modern and traditional style kitchens, adding character and life to any room and bringing a touch of your personality. You can be as bold and retro or as understated as you like from minimal accessorising to vintage patterned wallpapers or tiles. Consider introducing your colour of choice with painted furniture, walls, colourful seating and splashbacks, or even go the whole hog with dazzling cabinetry.

Drama and Sophistication

With the popularity of kitchen islands and stylish advancements in kitchen lighting, our kitchens are becoming the entertaining hub of our homes. Luxurious and rich darker shades paired with metallic, copper finishes and soft lighting create a showstopping kitchen great for an evening with company. Navy has been popular for some time; this continues with the introduction of plum and purple hues. Consider taking inspiration from the current two-tone trend with a selection of deep, sophisticated shades featured throughout the cabinetry as well as the walls for a balanced yet impactful depth of colour.


Black, white and grey kitchens are becoming ever more popular. Bold black and white schemes can give an industrial chic vibe. Clean and minimalist, they make a striking statement in any home. Combining metallic finishes and geometric patterns helps to give detail and personality to the space, they can look effortlessly glamorous or can be styled for an urban, industrial finish.

If startling contrast isn’t your thing and strong colours don’t do it for you either, you’re clearly not alone! Grey is hugely popular this year, a grey kitchen can look tasteful and sophisticated with a contemporary or classic style, the options are endless. Give a nod to the on trend sage greens and muted natural tones, consider ‘greige’, a warmer grey with just a hint of colour, this shade feels luxurious and authentic.

When it comes to colour, we are braver than ever with a vibrant yet tasteful palette to choose from. With some amazing and affordable retailers paying attention to the latest in interior design trends, you should have no problem finding the colourful kitchen of your dreams no matter your budget. Happy kitchen hunting!