How Wire Mesh Lockers Cause Problems

How Wire Mesh Lockers Cause Problems


There are a lot of variables to consider when searching for the perfect on-site storage to install in your apartment property, the most important being price point, safety, and privacy. It’s vital to focus on all three of these aspects, and not fall into the promises of seemingly low prices as a trade-off for lower value storage systems that offer little in the way of privacy and safety. A lot of property owners fall into the seemingly low price point of wire mesh storage lockers, only to be left with units that their tenants don’t feel safe using and end up sitting unrented and empty. Wire mesh leaves a lot to be desired in the aspects of privacy and safety, but sometimes the price can seem like a fair trade-off. The truth is there are many better, higher-quality storage options at the same price point that offer the safety and security that your tenants will value. 

Safety, Privacy, Security 

Let’s face it, one huge motivating factor for property owners to install storage facilities on their apartment properties is to bring in a little extra income monthly from the rental fees of the storage lockers. Tenants are far less likely to be willing to pay a rental fee to use storage lockers that they don’t feel keeps their belongings safe. Wire mesh offers little to no coverage or protection from wandering eyes and petty thieves looking for an easy score. Renters need a safe and secure place to store their extra belongings, and if they don’t feel the on-site storage options are safe they can resort to taking their storage needs to an off-site facility. When this happens, not only do your renters have to make an inconvenient trip to recover stored items in times of need, but you are losing out on those monthly storage fees. When selecting a storage solution for your property, you can avoid the pitfalls of wire mesh with lockers that are made from solid metal to provide your renters with the privacy and safety they deserve. 

Sleek Design and an Organized Property

Another motivating factor that can make property owners want to install on-site storage is to cut down on tenants stowing extra belongings in shared areas like hallways and patios. This not only makes your property seem to be unkempt and unorganized but is an inconvenience for other tenants that use these shared spaces. As we’ve mentioned, wire mesh offers very little in the way of protection and coverage. This means no matter where you place them, all of your renters’ belongings are out in full display. This essentially takes the unkempt mess of stored items from one area and moves it all to another area. If aesthetics and organization are something you value on your property, wire mesh will give you neither. The lack of protection also leaves your renters’ belongings vulnerable to dirt, debris, insects, or anything else that could make its way in through the mesh. 

Don’t Fall for Wire Mesh 

The seemingly low price point may lure some property owners, but the lack of safety and security is not worth the trade-off for seemingly more affordable prices. There are far superior storage solutions around the same price point, made from higher quality materials that offer the privacy, safety, and security that your tenants will love. Finding the perfect storage solution for your property’s needs, budget and space can feel like a challenge, but there are plenty of options on the market that will stay within budget and provide your renters with a high-quality place to store their extra belongings.