Growth in 2021: Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business


The economic strain that came with the coronavirus outbreak in 2019 is still prevailing. Many industries found it hard to recover from what happened in 2020. But, now as we have moved to 2021 with ambitions in our minds and strengths in our heads, it is time to learn some digital moves.

Small businesses, pondering their revenue generation capacity and the loss they bear, had no choice but to face the storm coming to them.

Many small businesses such as those with brick and mortar stores lost their connection with their target audience. On the other hand, the small business that had just recently begun operating digitally were lost in the chaos that happened online once physical market places were shut down.

2020 threw a major curveball toward small businesses across the United States as well. But beyond making things difficult they made it hard for the business owners to decide whether they want to leap into the eCommerce world or to stick to their roots until the virus fades.

Well, now that we are in 2021 and we see limited crisis fading away, have you gotten your answer to if your small businesses can survive a situation like this?

The Survival

To say that getting online is the only way to survey would be an understatement since the 2020 crisis. The year showed us that having your presence on different channels has become more than essential. Many businesses that had given less importance to the online world, were finding it hard to keep their audience invested after the lockdown. According to a report, in April of 2020, 22% of small businesses saw a huge revenue drop due to the lockdowns.

In just a matter of weeks, customers started avoiding getting out of their homes at all let alone doing physical shopping. So those that had not worked on their online presence previously had to go through a bundle of difficulties to keep their businesses intact for the rest of the year. All of this resulted in the massively successful stores making their way online.

And now that we have reached 2021, many small businesses are only working digitally and have no intention of being physical with their stores at all. So now to this growing competition, how can a small business make its way to success?

Here is how:

Get Your Internet Game Strong

Be it a small business or enterprise, the working mode for companies has become the same. Employees have now started functioning from home all at the mercy of internet service. While there are a lot of ways that you can compromise on a slow internet service but when it comes to carrying your business identity online you should not take any risk.

If you are a small business owner there are high chances that you are the only person who is dealing with website queries, social media interactions, and also other stuff that requires a constant presence online.

In this regard, you need to invest in a high-speed internet service such as Hughesnet that offers Hughesnet Gen 5.

Send Promotional Texts to Customers

Most business owners have started understanding how the promotional text works. You do not need to be annoying to gain attention from your customer. Instead, you should be more confident in your tone when you are referring to your customers.

Due to the pandemic if you have lost touch with your clientele then you need to send promotional texts and inform them that you are back on a different platform and working more effectively.

Make sure your texts are professional yet personal so that they can hit the customers right in the feels.

Make Use of Your Google My Business Page

This might be something you have heard a lot of times but by using your business profile on My Business Page you GENUINELY can bring a lot of good to your business.

Many businesses have just filled the skeletal business profiles and have not done anything more on their pages. A fleshed-out Google My Business page allows you to promote your small business and even boost your local rankings. By just tweaking your content on your GMB page you can bring more benefits to your business.

One Step at a Time

2021 can be competitive and might often throw you to your lowest points. But by just taking one right step at a time you can make your business great again.