Dual-Tone Cabinets: 8 Ways to Highlight Your Kitchen Décor

Dual-Tone Cabinets: 8 Ways to Highlight Your Kitchen Décor

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Two-tone cabinets have served as a well-known choice among the masses as far as kitchen design is concerned in the past year and still continues to grow. This new style is a modern and a radical turn from the single-colored kitchen decors.

However, there are many people who tend to think that there are not many variations to this style and all carry the same looks. If you are one of them, here are 7 two-tone formulae that can give your kitchen a perfect two-tone makeover and change your perception about dual-tone kitchen cabinetry.


  1. Cream or White Wall Cabinets And Darker-Tone Base Cabinets

Among the dual-tone style kitchen cabinetry, this is perhaps the most common style. Often the pair seems to be white shaker kitchen cabinets along with blue base cabinets. The shades on the top tend to change their hue from cream to beige while the bottom has colors ranging from maroon to espresso. For all the light colors however, the name has always been “antique white”.

  1. Cabinets that Have a Darker Color with White Cupboards for Dishware

This variation of dual-tone cabinets tends to attract the attention of the viewers more towards the dishware and the cupboards. Such cabinets serve as an alternate solution to the people who plan to display their open shelves but none of the hazards present. Plus, the shaker style kitchen cabinets that you see in many houses can also fit into the dual tone look for cabinets.

  1. Natural Textured Wood Base Cabinets & Dark Cupboards

This style of dual-tone cabinetry with dark wall cabinets on the top and lighter base cabinets below works very well too. Since the kitchen background has been done in shades of white, darker colors like walnut cabinets can serve to be a good contrasting shade. Other textures, for example, subway brick and marble can be used as finishes to the walnut cabinetry design and to create a clean aesthetic.

  1. Cabinet Boxes Of the Same Color but Different Color Door & Style On Wall Cabinets

The very flamboyant choice of changing the doors of your cabinets can revolutionize the appearance of your kitchen without requiring a renovation. For instance, the contrast between the vertical doors of brown walnut cabinets and the gray shaker base-cabinet doors can be quite attractive for the viewers.


  1. Different Color of Decor but Different Color Base Matching the Doorway

A kitchen décor may comprise of either a dark walnut appearance to uphold the raised-panel door, or it can have a black door. However, doors having raised-panels are one of the most popular choices among the masses. Choosing to highlight the cabinets above the entrance of the kitchen enhances the appearance just like a grand doorway. More can be added to this show by going for black cabinets that surround the entrance which stresses upon the height of the door.