DIY Ideas For Keeping c – Where To Start

DIY Ideas For Keeping a Clean Room – Where to Start

Home Improvement

Start by taking care of simple, everyday messes. If you don’t already have a small trash can or wastebasket in your room, we recommend getting one. From ripping tags off clothing to late-night snacking, small trash can build up easily. Having a small trash can under your desk is very convenient and is there as a daily reminder that can help you maintain a clean room. Throw away any trash first, but don’t take out the garbage yet because you still might encounter other forms of trash hidden throughout your dirty room.

Manage Your Laundry

Next, take some time to fold your clean laundry and then put it away. Fold them up and put them in your drawers or hang them up in your closet. It only takes a few minutes to pick up your dirty clothes from the floor. There also might be some pants and shirts that could be sticking out of the drawer, tuck them in for a clean and organized look. You can make your closet look more organized by hanging sweatshirts and blouses in the same direction. This will make it easier to look through your clothes in the morning.

Clean Your Sheets

Even if you shower before bed every night and keep food out of bed, your sheets need to be washed and changed weekly. Take time to remove the sheets and blankets off of the bed as you clean the rest of your room. Natural body oils and dirt from the home will eventually make their way to the bedding, so make sure you clean the bedding regularly.

Dresser Tops and Desks

A Clean Room

The next step is to clean off your desk, vanity, makeup station, etc.. Almost everyone has a desk of some sort in their room. Clutter can easily build up on these surfaces, so take the time to clean them daily, or before you know it, it will become a mess. Once you have these surfaces cleared off, you can wipe them down with a cloth and a cleaning solution. Choose the appropriate cleaner for your furniture. Some wood varnishes can become dull if you use a harsh chemical, so read the instructions carefully to make sure you are using the right cleaning products. Some furniture and rugs may require professional cleaning equipment and supplies, so if you’re not sure about what chemicals to treat your belongings with, reach out to a cleaning supply company like and ask for advice, or just hire them to clean and treat the expensive furniture.

Windows and Mirrors

You can use a glass cleaner and a napkin to wipe down your windows and mirrors. Some people will use newspaper to clean the glass because it doesn’t leave streaks. Bedroom windows should be cleaned from the inside and outside as regularly as possible. Clean windows are refreshing to look out of and will continue to allow natural light into the room. When wiping down windows and mirrors, make sure to wipe down the lower areas as well. Animals and little kids can usually smudge and dirty up the lower halves of the mirrors and windows.

Fans, Shelves, Crevises, and The Rest of The Room

You can use dusting spray and dusters to wipe down your fans and shelves as well as small crevices and hard to reach places. Lastly, you can use antibacterial wipes to wipe down your vanity, desk, bed frame, and other large items in your room. Make sure also to wipe down the legs and poles of the other items in your room. Curtains and lampshades also need dusting as well. They attract light and just as much dust, so make sure you don’t miss them.

Finishing Touches

A Clean Room

To add a finishing touch, clean your floors. If you have hardwood floors, remove and vacuum any rugs before sweeping the entire floor. This will make it easier to get every crumb and leave a spotless floor. If the broom can’t get into the small corners and spaces, you can use a vacuum to suck debris out of those tiny holes. If you want, you can even mop your floor to leave a clean and fresh smelling room. If you have a carpet in your room, you can simply vacuum it.

Once you’re all done with everything, you can make your bed with clean sheets and give it the last and final touch to make your room clean and comfy.