Homeowner Tips For HVAC Maintenance & Repairs

Homeowner Tips For HVAC Maintenance & Repairs


AC system services include inspection, cleaning and maintenance. This is a service that not only checks the performance of air conditioners, but it also provides the maintenance that keeps your air conditioner working properly and prevents any mechanical problems from being left unattended.

Preventative maintenance can save homeowners thousands of dollars on system replacements due to avoidable conditions, so it’s usually recommended to purchase a system service contract along with a new appliance. Below is a list of some of the most important aspects of air conditioning system maintenance.

  • During the inspection, the technician will examine various components of the air conditioning system, such as: compressors, condensers, evaporators, etc. Regular system checks are required, and are typically performed on a bi-annual basis. In addition, the technician will look for signs of damage or leaks that may exist.
  • Maintenance procedures include cleaning, an important aspect of air conditioning maintenance. All evaporator coils, condenser coils, and plumbing are thoroughly cleaned by a professional to remove any dust, dirt, and debris that may have accumulated. This improves the performance of your device and circulates clean air throughout the room.
  • Technicians perform standard maintenance tasks such as: check and adjust coolant levels, lubricate moving components, and tighten loose connections. This will prevent possible troubles in the future and extend the service life of the air conditioner. If the

technician discovers a problem during inspection, he or she will make the necessary repairs to correct the situation. This includes replacing a failed compressor, repairing a leak in a refrigerant line, or repairing damaged ducting. However, these additional replacements aren’t typically part of the service contract, and will be charged as additional repair work

  • Experts carry out a comprehensive adjustment of the air conditioning system. This includes checking voltage and current, cleaning condenser and evaporator coils, checking refrigerant pressure, checking thermostats and testing safety controls.

Air conditioning maintenance must be performed regularly to ensure that the system functions correctly and effectively. This helps prevent malfunctions, prolongs the life of your device, and saves on your electricity bill. In addition to this benefit, systems that are well taken care of like new air conditioners help improve the air quality in your home or building by circulating clean air throughout the room.

Residential or business owners and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) companies may enter into service contracts for AC system service. HVAC companies air conditioning, maintenance, and repair services are set forth in this agreement. Please read the terms, services, and other HVAC service agreements before signing.

This contract describes services provided by air conditioning companies for maintenance and repair of AC systems. The contract will also spell out which services and replacement parts are under the terms of the agreement, and which will be billed as an HVAC repair instead. It’s very important to understand this, because not many repairs are covered under the service agreement.

Choosing an HVAC Contractor

After you’ve selected the best HVAC contractor for the job and are ready to start work, you may be worried about what might happen if things don’t go as expected. The great thing about a service contract is the terms of the preventative maintenance are included. This ensures that the work is done professionally and on time.


Typical HVAC Equipment Issues

Refrigerant Leak

If an improper load was applied to the unit during the installation process, this may have reduced Freon levels. This is a possibility, but it requires a technician to make that determination. Also, there is a possibility of liquid freon (https://codes.iccsafe.org/content/IMnal Mechanical Code (IMC) | ICC Digital Codes (iccsafe.org)) leakage from the device. If you already have a leak, adding Freon will not solve your air conditioning problem.

Leaked freon can pose a risk to the natural environment around the leaking equipment. It is very important to let your technician know you suspect a leak when you contact them for service.

Poor Maintenance

Dirt clogging HVAC system filters and coils is another important factor contributing to poor system performance and can be a factor in its own right. One of these factors may also contribute to compressor and fan failure. If you can’t hear the fan running on your system when it turns on, this is a problem which will require a technician to repair the unit.


Problem With Compressor And Fan Control.

If the air conditioner is too large for the space it cools, it will cycle on and off too often, which will wear out the compressor and fan faster. A second problem that poses a threat to the unit has been identified as corrosion of the connectors and wires that connect the various components.

This corrosion is a concern because it is an issue that can occur everywhere. It is highly recommended to have all electrical connections of the machine checked by a trained professional before using the device. This must be done so that the device can be used safely.

Rattling and Knocking

If your HVAC system makes strange sounds resembling squealing, crunching and rattling, you need to get a technician to take a look at the unit quickly. The presence of these noises is a sign that the bearings and belts need to be replaced in most cases.

Belts and bearings are parts that are designed to wear out. They take the abuse from the constant use of the system, which protects the larger, more expensive parts from wearing out.