Features of a Perfect Accommodation

Features of a Perfect Accommodation

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An accommodation that caters to all the needs of customers like tradespeople, contractors with its innovative assistance just like hotel suites is not a cakewalk to find. With industries expanding their market to different countries, international travel is rising, and demand for apartment accommodations has increased abruptly. Ultimately, it is only about providing a customer with a friendly experience that makes them keep coming back.

We have come up with a few key features that should be on contractors’ lists before finalising their accommodation.

Below Are The Outlined Features To Look In A Communal Space :

Prime Location:

Serviced apartments with a location near to the workspace is an irreplaceable feature. The distance helps to cut costs for the workers and saves the time of the team. The bespoke properties of trade stays consider this an aim to provide the apartments nearer to the work location.


Accommodation in the budget is really important to make the project successful. If the accommodation itself is costly then it adds up to another cost which increases the overall expenses. Moreover, It is crucial to make sure that other amenities are offered such as microwaves and utensils. Here, we provide our customers with furnished and equipped kitchens that are well maintained without cutting extra charges. So, while booking a serviced apartment, one should make sure that they also have such facilities so that extra cost is not used on services.

Off-Site Meeting Space

Accommodation is ideal if it gives a feeling of home which people commonly prefer when they are in a foreign land. The off-site meeting space and dining areas are also important features because it enables people to let out their exhaustion and relax after a long day. Not only that it also leads to greater team bonding and understanding.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Hygiene is really important and it is one the most important things which make or break the image of a serviced apartment. Before booking, check whether the apartments are well maintained and well-furnished since it is going to be their home for a while. Besides, it is also very important to make sure that all the amenities such as the washing machine and microwave oven are in perfect condition.

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At trade stays, flexible service accommodations for tradespeople, contractors and builders are provided at unbelievable prices. We assure that our customers have a restful and productive experience with services designed to achieve just that. Contact us today to learn about what we can offer you as a customer at our serviced accommodations.

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